Buy one GIVE ONE


Buy one GIVE ONE. Every time you buy a pillow we will give bedding to people in need. Think of all the people you could be helping. We donate most of the proceeds and unsold pillows to non-profit organizations such as American Red Cross and some local organizations.


Why give bedding?

We all know that sleep is a necessity but how much is enough and how does it affect us? Sleep is one of the most evident determining factors in your health. Without it you can be prone to many health issues in the future. It is a fact that school age children need at least 9-11 hours of sleep each night to function properly in school and in their daily life. Many families who can’t afford basic needs also can’t afford bedding for their children. Bedding is extremely important for a good night's sleep. Many kids suffer throughout the night because of a lack of a comfortable bed. Studies have shown that without a comfortable, warm and safe place to sleep many kids suffer from Insomnia or lack the appropriate 9-11 hours of sleep they need. This issue is not so obvious to think of but it is something so basic that thousands of kids deal with daily.